FAQ: Your investment

When you decide to commit to coaching, you’re making a potentially life-changing investment in your own healing and growth. Realizing the benefits of this powerful mode of self-care takes time, money, and commitment — here’s how much of each.

FAQ: Your investment


To begin: an hour a week, for three months

Unlike therapy, which can continue indefinitely, most people begin coaching with me in an Inner Intensive: a sustained period of internal exploration, supported by weekly coaching sessions, for exactly three months. During that time, it’s my goal to support you in learning all the skills you need to coach yourself from then on.

  • When we begin, you’ll schedule all 12 of your weekly sessions right away. Having those dates on the calendar from the get-go helps us both be present when we’re in our sessions, without worrying about scheduling.
  • If you’ve accomplished what you want to before all 12 sessions are up, we’ll just cancel the sessions you haven’t paid for yet.
  • Most of my clients accomplish so much in those 12 weeks that they don’t need my company any longer. But just in case, you’ll have lots of options for ongoing support.

$100 – $200 per hour-long session

When you book your coaching sessions, you’ll get to choose one of three sliding-scale rates to pay for coaching — no questions asked. Most folks pay for coaching packages rather than single sessions, but the price per hour works out to between $100 and $200 for an hour.

Don’t let the price of coaching stop you!
If you can’t afford my reduced rate but still want to explore your inner world, you’ve got options:

📚 Explore on your own. You can use the Internal Family Systems on your own, for free or cheap, right now. Here are some resources to get you started.

🫶 Ask about financial support. If you need professional support, and my reduced rate would cause you economic hardship, please get in touch — financial support may be available.

💸 How and when you’ll pay

No matter which rate you choose, you’ll pay for coaching in advance, before you schedule.

  • New clients pay for an Inner Intensive ahead of time.
  • If we decide our work together is done before all 12 sessions are over, I’ll refund the balance for any sessions we don’t use.

🔁 Another option: barter!

Money is the simplest medium of exchange, but I’m also very open to barter arrangements, if you’ve got goods or services to trade. Send me a message if you’re curious about bartering, or else bring it up during our free first session. I am particularly interested in bartering for:

  • Lessons: music, voice, dance, martial arts, boxing, and so forth
  • Professional knowhow, like tax preparation or legal services
  • Healing services, like bodywork, shamanic guidance, entheogeny support, etc.

Inner inquiry, every day

To get the most out of IFS coaching, you’ll commit to spending time paying attention to your own inner world, every single day — even for just a few seconds at a time.

At the end of every coaching session, you and I will agree on how you’ll do that in the week ahead, based on your goals for coaching and what’s going on in your life.

What is “inner inquiry,” exactly?

It’s just paying gentle, focused attention to whatever happens to be going on in your consciousness. Here are some examples of how you might decide to do that between our coaching sessions:

  • Spend a certain amount of time observing your inner world
  • Write a little bit in your journal
  • Make a quick sketch or diagram of something
  • Do a certain amount of meditation
  • Check in with a particular part of your system
  • Do a brief physical practice of some kind