I ❤️ communication

I’m Neil Ashvin Chudgar, Ph.D., but you can call me Ash. It’s my job to help people communicate more skillfully with their communities — out in the world, in groups and teams, and (most of all) within themselves.


Communicate more skillfullyWITHIN YOURSELF

As a trained Internal Family Systems practitioner, I help people with complicated brains explore their inner worlds for healing and liberation.

One-on-one IFS coaching

Communicate more skillfully IN GROUPS & TEAMS

As a speaker, trainer, and meeting scribe, I bring diverse people together to ask new questions, make new connections, and imagine new worlds. 

Speaking, training, scribing

Communicate more skillfully OUT IN THE WORLD

As a communications consultant, I help people who do good in the world communicate skillfully with the communities they care about.

Communications consulting

👔 About my business

  • Partsland, LLC, is the Minnesota company under which I do all my my work. My coaching clients see this name on their bills and receipts.
  • As a consultant, I do business as Chudgar Consulting. My consulting clients see this name on contracts, invoices, and such.

⌨️ About this website

  • Colophon. I built this website on Ghost, a user-funded open-source publishing platform run by a nonprofit foundation. Type is set in Fraunces, a delightfully personable typeface by Phaedra Charles of Undercase Type, distinguished by features including “festive globules” and “precarious legs.”
  • Content. This site brings together information about all the ways I work — coaching, consulting in various ways, and writing — which used to be on separate websites. All the photos and drawings and such are by me, unless I credit somebody else.
  • Wrong Partsland? Partsland, LLC, is my coaching practice, but there are other Partslands for Polaris parts and guitar parts.
  • Creative Commons. The contents of this website are published under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license. You are free to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, even for commercial purposes. If you do, you must credit Ash Chudgar or chudgar.com, and you must license the modified material under identical terms.
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  • Current birds. This is a running list of the birds who are being overheard singing in our back yard.