The work I involves a lot of sensitive information, and it’s my job to keep it secure. This page lays out how I safeguard my clients’ privacy.


Last revised April 2024

Personal information

To do my work, I need to collect some information about my clients, including some or all of these details:

  • name and pronouns,
  • email address, and
  • phone number.

I also collect all information you send to me by email — notes before coaching calls, for example, or documents you send me to review for consulting work — for which I use Google Workplace services.

I do everything I can to protect all this information from any unauthorized access, but I can’t guaranteed the absolute security of any information you send me by way of the internet, so I cannot be liable for any breach of security that happens without my knowledge on account of the actions of third parties, like Google, its subcontractors, or its partners.

Financial information

  • I bill folks for coaching services using Stripe, which handles your information in accordance with their privacy policies. I never see your credit-card or other financial information.
  • Most consulting clients use paper checks or bank transfer information to pay me; here again, I don’t see your private financial information.

Other privacy notes

I sign a contract with every paying client, and that contract spells out in detail how I’ll protect your privacy during and after our work together. In brief:

  • I make all coaching clients a simple promise, which we agree to in our contract: I will not voluntarily share any personally identifiable information about you without your explicit written consent. Meanwhile, you can and should speak up to discuss any confidentiality concerns that come up during our work together.
  • Consulting contracts usually contain language that sounds like this: “The work set forth in this contract will require (folks in your organization) to share their thoughts in confidence; I may also be asked to review secret or proprietary materials. I agree to maintain all confidential information in strict secrecy, including communications from employees intended to remain in confidence, and to hold any subcontractors to the same terms.”

If this policy makes sense to you, why not get in touch?