Options for coaching with Ash

If you’re looking for support as you navigate your inner world, here are all the ways I can help.

💵 First, a word about money (tap here)

I believe everyone deserves the chance to make peace with their inner world, no matter how much money they have. That’s why I charge for coaching on a sliding scale. If the prices on this page are out of reach for you right now, here are some options:

  • 📚 Do-it-yourself inner exploration. Try these free and cheap resources to explore your inner world on your own. That’s how I started this work myself.
  • 🏥 Using health insurance. If you have health insurance through your employer, an independent health plan, or a government program like Medicare, a mental-health professional trained in Internal Family Systems might be a more affordable option. Here’s some advice about finding a therapist.
  • 🫶 Ask about financial assistance. If you’re in need of support in your inner world, you really want to work with me in particular, and my reduced rate would cause you economic hardship, please get in touch financial support may be available.

Another option: 🧶 ask about barter, if you’ve got goods or services to trade. I am particularly interested in trading coaching for:

  • Lessons, particularly mandolin, piano, voice, dance, martial arts, boxing, self-defense
  • Professional knowhow, like tax preparation, legal services, writing bits of code to do stuff
  • Healing services, like bodywork, psychedelic guidance, spiritual direction, etc.

🆓 Start with a free first session

Rather than offering a quick “consultation,” I like to take a whole hour to get to know every potential client, so they can get a good feel for what it’s like to work together. (Here’s why.) Zero pressure, totally confidential — just an hour for us to talk.

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Three months of coaching, 60 minutes every week, to get to know your whole self.

If you’ve never explored your inner world before, this is the place to start. When you want to get better acquainted with all of your complicated self, an Inner Intensive lets you bring focused attention to your own experience over 12 consecutive weeks.

  • In weekly hour-long coaching sessions, online or at my office in Minneapolis, I’ll support your inner exploration with compassionate guidance, honest encouragement, and steadfast solidarity.
  • My approach to coaching is designed to let you explore deeply enough to achieve transformative results — and gently enough to let you get on with ordinary life between sessions.
  • The new inner communication skills you learn in your Intensive will help you sustain the progress you make long after our last session.

You’ll choose whether to meet online or in person at my office in Minneapolis when you book your Inner Intensive. You’ll also select the sliding-scale rate that makes sense for you: $2,400, $1,800, or $1,200.


Four 90-minute coaching sessions, with a goal in mind.

Focused support for your inner world for a particular reason.

  • Maybe a new part of yourself has just emerged, and you want some help integrating them into your internal family.
  • Maybe there’s a big challenge going on in your life, and you want some support getting your system through it.
  • Maybe there’s a specific pattern in yourself that you want to change for the better.

In four 90-minute coaching sessions, I’ll help you work with your inner system to accomplish whatever it is you need to. This package is meant for folks who are already acquainted with their internal family. If you haven’t met your “parts” yet, start here.


1️⃣ Single coaching sessions

Inner communication coaching, whenever you need it.

When you’d like a to get some support with your inner world, you can book a single 90-minute coaching session any time, online or in person, for the sliding-scale rate that makes sense for you: $300, $225, or 150 a session.

🤔 Other ways to work together

Does your system want support in some other way? Do you have a proposal for barter? Just holler, and we’ll figure it out together!