My sliding scale

I charge for coaching on a sliding scale, based on Alexis J. Cunningfolk’s “green bottles.” Learn how it works here.

My sliding scale
A graphic designed by Alexis J. Cunningfolk describing the “green bottles” scale of personal financial experience.

When I decided how to charge for coaching, I had three values in mind:

  1. Access. I want to make the powerful form of support I provide accessible to as many people as possible — particularly people who need comfort, healing, and liberation the most.
  2. Community. When I value my own work, I’m also valuing the work of every other IFS practitioner, so my prices must honor their wisdom and expertise as well as my own.
  3. Culture. Together with the prices all other healing professionals charge, my prices help our culture value inner healing and liberation in economic terms.
  4. Sustainability. I want all the different kinds of paid work I do to sustain me economically, so I can meet my financial obligations, contribute fairly to my family economy, and invest in the wellbeing of others too.

Balancing those values led me to this particular sliding scale.

Developed by Alexis J. Cunningfolk, an intersectional herbalist and witch, this three-tier scale lets my clients choose how much to pay for the work I do. If you’re curious where it comes from, Alexis explains in detail here — but here’s the gist:

  • 💰💰 The standard rate is for folks who can reliably pay for their basic needs — food, housing, transportation — but sometimes stress about it. This rate is close to the “market rate” for one-on-one support of the kind I offer, and it’s about what I pay for services from other IFS practitioners
  • 💰💰💰 The “pay-it-forward” rate is for folks who can comfortably pay for their basic needs and some luxuries, too. This rate comes closest to what I believe the service I provide is worth. (You might wonder, as I did, if anybody would pay that rate voluntarily. Turns out they do!)
  • 💰 The reduced rate is for folks who sometimes don’t have enough money to meet their basic needs. This is the lowest rate I can charge consistently without devaluing the work I do.

More options!

I recognize that even my reduced rate is out of reach for most people. That’s why I offer other options, too:

  • DIY for free or cheap. You can start exploring your inner world right now, using the easy and effective Internal Family Systems model, using these free or low-cost resources.
  • Financial support for coaching. If you want some professional support to do the inner work you need to do, and my reduced rate would cause you economic hardship, please get in touch — financial support may be available.
  • Barter. I’m very happy to barter for coaching, if you have goods or services that I need or want to provide in exchange. (I’m particularly interested in learning to do physical things, like music or dance, and in bodywork.) Just ask about barter during our free first session.