About meeting in person

Thank you for coming to visit! Here’s everything you might need to know about working with me in person.

About meeting in person
Two orange cats groom each other lazily on a small red couch with a crocheted afghan on it.
It’s always OK to switch to video. If ever you can’t make an in-person session, we can always meet on a video call instead — just let me know at any time and I’ll send you a link.

Good to know

My office is in my house, where I live with:

    • my husband 🧔🏼‍♂️ and
    • two (2) orange cats 🐈🐈.

All three are quiet and friendly, and you may encounter one or more of them in the front yard or the living room. We’ll have our session behind a closed door in my office, where we have complete privacy — no one can hear us while we are talking.

Getting here

  • My office is the front room in my house in Northeast Minneapolis, right here. The address will also be in the calendar invitation for your session.
  • If you’re taking transit 🚍, take the 4 bus on Johnson or the 10 bus on Central and get off at 37th Avenue Northeast. Then go down 37th toward Buchanan Street — it’s nine blocks east from Central, two blocks west from Johnson.
  • If you’re driving 🚙, you can park on the street right out front. If you have any trouble finding the place, just shoot me a text.

Once you arrive

  • 🛎️ I’ll probably see you coming and open the door, but if I don’t, just ring the doorbell when you get here.
  • 🥾 There’s a little chair where you can take your shoes off just inside the front door.
  • 💧 I’ll offer you water and show you where the restroom is on the way to my office. You’ll find fidgets and doodads in a bowl by the blue sofa, along with kleenexes, and there are afghans and pillows you can adjust for maximum comfort.
  • 🤗 After your session is over, I’ll walk you out. Hugging or handshaking are always welcome, but never expected!