Why a free first session?

Trusting someone to help with your personal growth and healing is a big deal. That’s why I offer a free online first session for every potential client. You can book yours right here.

Why a free first session?
What you’ll see on during your free first session — me, on your screen, being friendly.

If you’ve read about who I am and how I think about healing and liberation, poked around my coaching FAQ, and maybe read some of my posts about coaching stuff, you might be thinking: “This Ash Chudgar sounds like someone I could work with.” I’m glad! But the only way to know for certain if I’m the right coach for you is to experience what it actually feels like for us to work together.

Find a convenient time for your free session right here to find out — a whole hour, totally confidential, with zero pressure to make any decisions. Or scroll down to learn more about what your free first session will be like.

Why a free first session instead of a brief consultation?

Most coaches (and therapists and other one-on-one helpers) offer free 15- or 30-minute “consultation” for potential clients. I used to do that too — but those quick sessions inevitably ran long, and almost always got pretty deep into the challenges new clients were facing. They ended up more like actual coaching sessions than like “consultations,” so I just decided to make that official.

What will happen during my first session?

The hour is yours, and you can use it any way you want to. You can:

  • tell me about yourself,
  • ask me any questions you can think of, or even
  • work a bit on a specific challenge that you’re dealing with right now.

Meanwhile, I will:

  • tell you anything about my life, my practice, or my expertise that you’re interested in knowing,
  • answer all your questions honestly, and
  • do a little coaching, if coachable stuff comes up and you give me your consent to do that.

At the end of the call, I’ll thank you for your time, and let you know how and when I’ll follow up. No decisions required!

Will I have to decide whether to sign up for coaching during our session?

Nope. By the end of our hour talking together, you’ll have a lot to ponder — and you deserve plenty of time to mull it over and reflect. I’ll follow up after our call, by email or text, to see how you’re doing and ask if you’d like to pursue coaching.

  • If you do want to sign up for coaching with me, wonderful — we’ll go from there!
  • If you decide not to sign up, that’s great too. I’ll thank you for honoring your own wisdom and wish you well on your journey.