Concept kit

By listening deeply to your team and the communities you serve, I’ll help you develop a simple and powerful new way to understand and communicate about your mission.

The concepts you use to understand your work set the limits of what’s possible.

No matter how complex your work, how varied your communities, or how urgent your mission, there’s a set of core concepts that underlies all of it — the ideas that allow you and others to understand what you do and why.

If you’ve never thought intentionally about the concepts at the heart of your work, you might be surprised to find that your team simply doesn’t agree about the most basic things — and that lack of shared understanding is absolutely holding you back.

“A game-changer”

My agency hired Ash to provide communication consulting services for us. His guidance and insights have been a game-changer. He led us through a well-developed process that generated a very practical but aspirational toolkit, which I imagine we’ll be using for years to come — as both an internal compass, and as our external rosetta stone.

— Chris Ignizio, 2021
Creative Director, Scope & Sequence

Why a concept kit?

Simply put: you can transform the work you do by transforming how you think and talk about it.

What a concept kit can do

Price and process

For a fixed fee of $3,500, here’s how we’ll build your concept kit:

  1. To begin, I’ll review materials you give me about your work so I can get a sense of where you’re at and where you’re going.
  2. Next, I’ll facilitate a two-hour workshop with your team to generate an emergent consensus about the your shared values, priorities, and central concepts.
  3. After that, I’ll deliver a presentation with a draft of your kit. Often, folks end up with kits that include these elements:
    • Mission statement. You can use this language on your website and marketing materials, in conversations with clients and potential clients, and — crucially — in your internal conversations about your work.
    • Statement of values. This language will help you make decisions about how you want your business to operate, day in and day out.
    • Set of core concepts. This flexible, modular kit of conceptual tools will be ready to use in any future communications, from web copy to strategic planning.
  1. Finally, after one round of revisions in the presentation (if any are needed), I’ll deliver the final concept kit, which you can start using right away.