Communications audit

When you need to understand what you’re really saying in the world, I can help. You might be amazed at the insights a thorough review of your communications can reveal.

When your organization speaks, what do your communities hear?

When it really matters what your work means in the world, a communications audit can provide crucial insight about what you’re actually saying — and what it means to the people you care about. A communications audit provides crucial insight for strategic planning, marketing and branding work, development and capacity-building, and change management projects.

From audit to action

Mr. Chudgar reached out to 19 civic leaders … to discuss the Minnesota media landscape, the state of public policy debate in our communities, and the Citizens League’s own place in what comes next. The result of these conversations led to a polished report Mr. Chudgar wrote that included recommendations that we plan to put into action. … The depth of his work was critical to our future planning.

— Pahoua Yang Hoffman, 2019
Executive Director, Citizens League

Prices and process

Get deeper insight at the depth you need. Every communications audit includes kickoff and wrap-up conversations, along with unlimited email support.

Basic audit: $1,500

A basic communications audit includes a thorough review of your core communications pieces, along with some research about your communities and your business. I’ll provide a written report of my findings in whatever form you like best.

Audit with interviews: $2,500

This includes everything above, plus a two hour-long meetings, in person or by phone: a one-hour stakeholder interview to begin, and a final one-hour interview to discuss a draft of the report. This example, prepared for the Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research, shows how interviews deepen the insight.

Comprehensive audit: from $5,000

All the above, plus review of up to 2,000 pages of communications materials, three social media accounts, and up to 10 hours of stakeholder interviews. This example, prepared for the Citizens League, shows how deep this kind of work can go.