An 8-week Intro to IFS Self-Therapy in Minneapolis, starting this month

Spread the word, Minneapolis: on Wednesday evenings this fall, experienced therapist and teacher Roberta Cullen is teaching an 8-week in-person Intro to IFS Self-Therapy. It’s open to anyone 18 or older, and offered very affordably through Minneapolis Community Education.

An 8-week Intro to IFS Self-Therapy in Minneapolis, starting this month
Roberta Cullen, LMFT

Unlike many other therapeutic methods, Internal Family Systems is easy for anyone to learn and simple to practice — even without professional guidance. I started my own journey into IFS by reading a book called Self-Therapy, and many other people learn the of the model on their own through books, blog posts, meditations, and videos.

For folks in or near the Twin Cities, now there’s an even better way to learn how to use IFS on your own. This fall, on Wednesday evenings from Sept. 27 through November 15, therapist and teacher Roberta Cullen is offering an eight-week introductory course through Minneapolis Community Education. It’s open to any adult, not just Minneapolis residents, and the price is extraordinarily reasonable: the suggested price is $75 for the whole series — a heck of a bargain — and sliding-scale rates go from $65 to $89. “The advantages to offering this class through Minneapolis Community Education,” Roberta says, “is that it’s relatively low cost and can reach people who otherwise may not have heard of, or have access to learning IFS.”

Who’s it for?

Roberta says:

This class is for anyone (including friends, colleagues, clients or prospective clients on your wait lists) interested in working with their own mental health using parts work. I’ve taught this IFS Intro class twice before with a goal of serving adults or older teens, who are interested in learning to work with their own mental health. Participants have been very enthusiastic in their participation, very appreciative of working together, and often surprised as well as encouraged, as they learn about their parts and how to work with them.
Therapists and care providers who have taken the course shared that they loved setting aside their professional roles, and having the time to work with their own individual systems in a non-training setting. (No CEs are prearranged but I’m happy to provide a letter at the end of the course, should you want to submit to your own board for CEs.)

Details and the registration link are below.

Internal Family Systems I: Intro to Self-Led Therapy Using IFS

IFS has gained lots of popularity as a non-shaming, evidence-based, effective model of working with your own mental health. Our inner lives contain valuable untapped qualities, and our core Self knows how to heal. IFS works in both areas to draw on our own innate healing abilities. Basic IFS concepts and techniques are taught through lecture and practice in a welcoming environment.

🗓️ When: Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:15, September 27 through November 15

  • 📍Where: Roosevelt High in South Minneapolis, 4029 South 28th Avenue
  • 👋 For whom: Any adult over 18. You do not need to be a resident of Minneapolis to register and attend this course
  • 💰 How much: Sliding scale, from $65 to $89; suggested fee is $75

About Roberta

Roberta Cullen is a therapist, teacher, performer, creator, and researcher. She has been fully licensed as a mental health therapist in MN since 2017. Roberta began working with Internal Family Systems in 2012. She attended numerous trainings, some with the founder, Dr. Richard Schwartz. She has also assisted with IFS professional training in MN. In addition, Roberta has a strong interest in how trauma is stored in the body, and has trained with Susan McConnell, IFS Master Trainer and leader in Somatic IFS at Susan’s annual retreat in Costa Rica. “Offline,” Roberta enjoys reading, fishing, hiking, music, performing arts, recreational bicycling, and creating and experiencing art.