I’m Ash, and I am so happy you found me! Read on to learn about my coaching practice — and be sure to mention LAVENDER during your free first coaching call for a queer-to-queer discount.

A photo of a bald white man with a beard holding up a copy of Lavender magazine.
Look, I’m in a magazine!

When LGBTQ+ folks like us were growing up, most of us learned to hide, deny, or even hate important parts of who we are. Learning to love every aspect of your complicated, amazing queer self — even the parts who cause you trouble — will transform your life for the better. That transformation happened for me, and it can happen for you too.

As an Internal Family Systems practitioner, I support other queer folks with kind hearts and complicated brains as they explore the complexity of their inner worlds. In our one-on-one coaching sessions, in person at my office in Northeast Minneapolis or online anywhere, I’ll help you explore your own mind and memories to find healing and liberation for all of who you are.

Don’t take my word for it, though — I offer an hour-long, totally confidential, zero-pressure first coaching session for every new client, so you can find out for yourself what it’s like to work together. Here are a few reasons to book your free first session today:

  • ✊ This isn’t endless talk therapy, but practical coaching for healing and liberation
  • 🌈 I’m proudly queer, biracial, and neurodivergent
  • ❤️‍🩹 Solidarity with fellow survivors of trauma and abuse is dear to my heart
  • 💵 Affordable rates on a sliding scale, and financial help is available
  • 🫵 I believe that you personally deserve to love all of who you are

Book your free first session right here, and thanks for visiting!